Abergavenny Lip Reading 


Dear New Grove Trust, 

Please find below a short report & photos from Abergavenny Lip Reading Group to show how your generous grant of £510 is being used. 

The aim of Abergavenny lip Reading Group is to provide people with hearing loss an opportunity to learn practical lip reading skills for everyday use as part of a friendly & supportive group. The group also provides support & information on sources of equipment from the relevant agencies.


As vell as the practical skills learned, members feel that being part of the group has helped with their self confidence & reduced feelings of isolation.

As Monmouthshire Education Authority was unable to support a group that needed practical skills rather that a formal written qualification, the group decided to become self funding in 2009. Since then the costs of room hire have been increasing. The costs of hiring our excellent tutor. Katarina Blair, are such that, until now, we have only been able to afford to employ her fortnightly. Your grant will enable us to cover the room rental for a year & also to provide basic refreshments for the group. We are now able to pay the tutor for work she prepares for the weeks she is not with us. 


The group is open access & new members arc welcome at all times of the year. We meet at Abergavenny Community Education Centre between 9.15 & 11.15 every Tuesday during term time. We are actively publicising the group in order to attract new members & make the group more sustainable M the future. For more information the secretary's contact number is 01291 673223. Again your grant has helped to make this sustainability more viable. 

The group has asked inc to express our grateful thanks for this grant & to extend an invitation to any of your Trustees who would like to come & see the group.


Yours sincerely,



Joy King

Secretary, Abergavenny Lip Reading Group