Abergavenny Walking

for Health 



Dear New Grove Trust,

We have had a very busy year in our walking group with our numbers increasing, now we have over 50 who walk regularly on a Wednesday.  

The money has been used to fund our out of town walks and to provide First Aid training for 14 members. We hire a coach or three minibuses for our out of town walks from Monmouthshire Council as they are the cheapest. Our group meets at The United Reformed Church, Castle Street, Abergavenny and we leave at 10.30 every Wednesday.  


The walks take under an hour, and are all assessed, the pre-walk talk includes the route and hazards, a register is kept each week and new walkers fill in a short questionnaire with their name, address and health problems for insurance cover.  Recently a local business man donated 20 high visibility gilets to our group, some leaders have always worn these jackets but now every leader has one to make our walks safer.


Liz Barnes