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Welcome to our newsletter. We have made significant progress since our last one. The call we made for carers to undertake training was answered and we now have three new facilitators, two of which have been passed by us and duly accredited. These facilitators have recently delivered a ‘Together’ course in Herefordshire. It was an immensely rewarding experience for us but must have been daunting for our novice facilitators, especially with us present.


Our steady expansion into other areas means we will need more facilitators. We have secured funding to hold a ‘Together Moves On’ facilitator training course in Abergavenny. We require six confident carers to train to a high standard. The role is challenging and rewarding. Travel and a generous fee are available. Work is not on a regular basis, only when required.


Another development in TOGTHERLAND has been to elicit the support of GP’s in signposting our sessions to any carers on their books on an ‘opportunistic basis’ A small batch of our brochures is left at each surgery. If you are prepared to do this, ring us for brochures and a copy of a letter by way of introduction and recommendation. Go on, you know you want to. 07779 202426


We would like to thank the following for their help in signposting carers to our Herefordshire course : Dawn Lewis, Clive Appleby (Early Intervention Team), Chris Dunlop (Carers Centre, Hereford), and Andrew Doyle , Deputy Editor of The Hereford Times.


Some comments from carers who attended the Hereford course:

  • ‘it would be of benefit for the sessions to be longer as more time could be used for discussion’

  • ‘I have had most of my questions answered.’

  • ‘A very good course - very interactive’

  • ‘The sharing of experiences - good and bad are invaluable.

  • ‘(good to know) This course is available for all to go on.’                                        

‘Together’ aims to deliver knowledge, and understanding , to reassure and support carers. We bring ideas and approaches bore out of our experiences of almost thirty years.

The course is NOT a discussion - type group situation. Our focus is on our concept of Dual Management of the condition. We do encourage relevant discussion during our sessions, but more especially we welcome it during tea I coffee / lunch breaks, where there is opportunity to bond with others over the two days, to exchange experiences and maybe offer support in future. The prime function is to deliver the principles of Dual Management.


Our Medical Advisor, Ms Pat Morgan gave an excellent talk and answered questions about the Disorder. One of which concerned the dangers of allowing ‘highs’ to go unchecked for long periods of time. Pat said that this can result in permanent damage to the brain! Thus highlighting the need for medication and management of Bipolar Disorder.


We have planned a series of Review Days to track and monitor the impact of our courses on families. We will invite only CARERS who have attended our ‘Together’ courses. MAX. 16 per Review Day. (More information later).


Now a change of mood. Lesley & Bryn are earnestly seeking funding to employ a salaried Development Officer to undertake the work they have been doing for almost 10 years. Courses are planned to take place in new areas of Wales and England.


TOGETHERLAND is getting bigger. There is a continued demand throughout Britain and beyond for our unique style of support programme.


Being involved with ‘Together’ has made Lesley and Bryn richer as human beings. ‘ Together’ gives knowledge ,understanding and insight to carers to (hopefully) enable them (and their families) to regain and improve the quality of their lives.


We aim to leave the Trust in safe hands, with our Trustees, new Facilitators and hopefully, a new Development 0flicer,while we explore the outer reaches of TOGETHERLAND , while we can still read a map without falling asleep.






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