Border Bicentenary Piano Festival



The Trust helped the group to stage a piano festival on the 27th November, Holy Trinity Church , Hereford and 28th November, The Great Hall, Hereford.   Featuring unique musician Mark Latimer and accomplished Hereford-born pianist Tom Cooper, the last two concerts of the Border Bicentenary Piano Festival feature composers contemporary or influential to Chopin and also those who were inspired by him, including Debussy, Fauré, Rachmaninov, Thalberg, Beethoven, Liszt and, of course, Chopin himself. 

Hereford born pianist and scholar Tom Cooper was brought up at Tregagle and educated at Penallt, The Grange and Monmouth School. Tom was particularly delighted to be playing as Hereford was his own birth-place.  He was thrilled to be able to offer Hereford some of his reflections on Chopin's supremely moving music about which he has had such a passion since a child.


Mark Latimer’s philosophy of the piano has influenced a varied and striking career, his phenomenal track record extending across the heights of classical piano to contemporary and jazz.