Brockweir Green Shoots 


Dear New Grove Trust,


It's funny that you should write now as I was just thinking that I should write to you and let you know what was happening with the money, as its 9 months since we got the grant.  I am sorry not to have written before. We were so grateful to receive the money and have put some of it to good use already for our community allotments.


We cleared some of the land in the spring and early summer and we set to dig the land and divide it into plots. Unfortunately during the digging of the plots we discovered that there were some very large stones buried and we had to use some of your grant to hire a driver and digger to take them out, which was an unforeseen expense. 


We also had to pay for solicitor's fees for the landlord and also to have a tap put in, and we are shortly to pay for some large overhanging branches cut down. Apart from the tap, these were all unexpected experiences.


Despite the delay and inconvenience caused by discovering the stones, we still managed to grow several crops such as potatoes, squash, beans, onions, courgettes, broccoli, cabbage and leeks. 


This year, now that the stones have been removed we are planning to develop more plots, including an area for a community garden. Once we have paid for the overhanging tree to be cut back, we will see what money remains and, if funds permit, pay for a shed and for fencing to enclose the plot.  


Thank you so much for giving us the money which enabled us to do so much.


Best wishes