Bryn y Cwm Community Association 



The summer activities went very well and your support was invaluable as without it we would not been able to provide the activities.

We introduced Taster sessions of various activities into some of the rural youth clubs and they were all very well received. The activities we provided were,


  • Bread making

  • Creative Dancing

  • Running a Disco

  • African Drumming

  • Drama Workshops

  • Yule Log Making

  • Batik


All the taster sessions were well attended with the African Drumming being the clear favourite.We sent a press release into the local papers with some photos of the children doing the activities and we did mention the new grove trust grant in the press release.


We were unable to provide a Mountain Bike taster session as we had some trouble finding an instructor so we have an under spend of £35.95 of your grant, if you would like it returned please advice address and who the cheque should be made payable to please. If we are able to keep the under spend we could use it for our planned Children's Tea Party which we are hoping to organise as a royal wedding event later on in the year.


I have not been able to find a copy of the press release we sent to the local paper as i have had pc problems and i lost all of the files stored on my hard drive but if i can find it elsewhere i will get it sent to you ASAP.


I hope this is ok Pam and if you feel you would like some more info on what we provided then please do get in touch.

Many Thanks


Cllr James George