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Dear New Grove Trust, I asked one of the scouts to do a report on climbing, and he prepared the attached which covers the highlight of last year's expedition. I think the enthusiasm and sense of achievement they get from such activities comes across. This kind of experience is excellent for encouraging teamwork and building confidence. Since then they have been climbing locally and this summer they are going to West Wales and will be making the most of all the equipment they bought with the grant from Grove Farm Trust Thank you once again for supporting the group, it is greatly appreciated 


Yours sincerely

For and on behalf of Raglan Scout Group







Dawn Cater (Treasurer)








'Edmund Hillary would be proud'

It was a brilliant August day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. In the early hours of a Wednesday morning, a troop of Scouts boarded the train headed for Langenfeld, Austria.The train stopped at Openzel and a bus took them from here to Langenfeld. The weather conditions were perfect for what no other British Scout Troop had done before, and this one was going to. 


1st Raglan Scout Troop, a group of Scouts from Monmouthshire, started by walking to the base of the waterfall, from which they said goodbye to the ground for the next few hours. They clipped in to harnesses, and their karabiners were fastened to the steel cable of 'Klettersteg' Via Ferrata. Via Ferrata is enjoyed by many alpine climbers, and involves the climbing of a cliff using iron pegs, ladders and cables.


For all scouts here, it was the first time performing a Via Ferrata climb. This sort of climbing is mainly performed in alpine landscapes, and was built in the Second World war as an escape route for guerrillas/soldiers who fought for their country. After approximately 2 hours, both teams had reached the top of the cliff and had signed the logbook placed at the top, thoroughly exhausted. 


The team was led by experienced climbers Rick Walker and Mike Herbert. On the arrival back at Igls, near Innsbruck, a thorough sense of achievement was felt by all, that, they had supposedly achieved the title of the first British Scout Troop to complete the Langenfeld Klettersteg.


Thank you to Mrs Pam Lloyd and the Grove Farm Trust for supplying funds to provide equipment for this, and similar expeditions. Here are some photos of Raglan Scout troop climbing Wintour's Leap, near Chepstow, using the equipment we bought with the grant money.