Forest Musical Society



Please find attached a couple of photographs showing the stage extensions being used during a rehearsal for next week's production of 'The Wedding Singer'.


Your grant enable us to purchase 3 off 2 metre x 1 metre extension and 2 smaller extensions which are used as fill in the gaps in the permanent stage when the steps are relocated.  The pictures show them being used on both sides of the stage.  Each of the 5 extensions can stand alone or be joined securely together in whatever configuration suits the show we are performing.  As the pictures show they allow our Stage Director to adapt the stage in a variety of ways to suit her interpretation of the score.


They are a valuable asset which improves the quality and appeal of our shows.


We are very grateful to the New Grove Trust for making the purchase of the stage extension possible.


You have our permission and the permission of the people shown in the photographs to use them for your publicity purposes.


Thank you for your continued support,


Best wishes,


Peter Silsby