Forest Musical Society 


I thought you might like to know what happened following the society's receipt of your grant for £2000.


As you may recall we also received a grant of £1000 from Gloucestershire Community Foundation.  To both the grants we added £2379 which enable us to purchase the sound system as detailed in our grant application.  It was delivered at the start of our first dress/technical rehearsal, for "Pirates of Penzance", on 16th October.  It was subsequently used on our second dress rehearsal and for the 3 performances that took place between 20th and 22nd October at Lydney Town Hall.


We needed the new sound system because, for the first time, we were improving the quality of our production by using a 9 piece orchestra.  The cast consisted of 9 principals and 21 chorus and it was important that the sound of these 3 elements was correctly balanced.  It had the added advantage that our young sound engineer gained valuable additional experience.


The production was a great success, due, in part, to the quality and clarity of the sound.  We have received many expressions of appreciation from our audience and our reputation has been enhanced.  This has given the society the confidence to perform another musical in Spring 2012 and keep together a talented group of actors/singers of all ages and all walks of life.  Although the accounts have not yet been finalised, it looks as though we have made a 'profit' of £1000.  This will enable the society to pay for copyrighted scores and, therefore, perform musicals from a wider repertoire.  This will benefit the local community and our group.


We are very grateful to the New Grove Trust for their generosity, without which we could not have purchased the sound system.


With grateful thanks and best wishes from all the members of the Forest Musical Society,


Yours sincerely,


Peter Silsby