Friends of MCSB



The funds provided by the New Grove Trust have enabled the Friends of Monmouth Comprehensive School Boat Club to complete the purchase of a new high performance racing double sculling boat.  In one of its first uses, an athlete qualified to represent Wales at under 18 level.


The potential benefits of rowing for young people are many and are perhaps best described by this athlete who is now rowing at university after five years of rowing at the school:


"Through the sport I developed dedication, perseverance, strength in the face of adversity and so many other traits that are essential in any rower and I am a better person because of it. It also introduced me to competitive sport; the buzz that comes from race day at a big event is indescribable."


We are very grateful to the New Grove Trust for enabling the purchase of new equipment that will see a new generation of rowers benefit from what the sport has to offer.