Newton Farm Community Association


Newton Farm Community Association – Community Exhibition & Reminiscence


The above exhibition and reminiscence event took place on Thursday and Friday 3rd and 4th of April 2014 at Jubilee Court, Newton Farm.  It was a wonderful 2 days with a good attendance from local people.  For many of the attendees it provided the opportunity to meet old friends and neighbours, catch up on news and reminisce about times past. 


There were lots of wonderful photographs on display which had been lent by local people.  These included photographs of past South Wye Carnivals in the 1980s, Easter Celebrations at St Francis Church, complete with donkey and Brownie pack events.  One of the visitors who is helping to organise this year’s River Carnival was particularly interested in the photographs of past road Carnivals and links were made between groups and individuals. 


Many individuals were happy to write down their memories of life in the local area and how it was just being developed when many moved into the area in the 1960s and early 1970s.  It was interesting to learn about the changes that had taken place since those days and representatives from Herefordshire Housing Ltd (HHL) were on hand to discuss the future plans for the estate.


Since the event many people have contacted this Association to say that they had been unable to attend the event and could they have the opportunity to look at the exhibition.  I have therefore retained the photographs on loan for a further few weeks.