Raglan Local Ways


Raglan Local Ways are producing walking leaflets with the help of the grant from the New Grove Trust.


We have drawn up the text for 3 leaflets, which will detail six walks.  We had some difficulties with obtaining the maps to go on these leaflets but the problems have now been resolved.


We have received the first draft leaflets from our printer and these are now with Monmouthshire Community Council for their comments.  We hope to have them back very shortly and our aim is to have the final prints by the end of the February 2011. 


We have a walk around Raglan Castle in mind for our fourth leaflet and will have enough of your grant money left to pay for this leaflet. We have prepared the text but again there are problems with the map.  We hope these will be resolved in the not too distant future. We will then have them displayed in the local shops, The Beaufort Hotel, Raglan Castle, The Llandenny Arms, etc before the spring.


With many thanks for enabling us to produce these leaflets, which will allow villagers and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful scenery around Raglan.