Hereford Disability United



Dear New Grove Trust, 

On behalf of Herefordshire Disability United I would like to express my sincere thanks for the grant awarded of £1500. This will certainly maintain the work we have started and enable us to reach those who are disadvantaged either by rural location or disability. 

We intend to purchase a screen and projector after Christmas (once the sales have started) which will be used at local meetings for our speakers. Until now we have borrowed equipment from well-meaning colleagues/organisations, but this will enable us to be self-sufficient. 

During the winter months we will put a plan together and start in earnest in the spring with functions. We do intend to take photographs and reproduce them in newsletters/ magazines to spread the word about what is happening locally to benefit those with disabilities. 

I will forward copies of any such publicity to keep you abreast of how your generosity has been spent. The cheque is being past to our Treasurer for banking, and will email verification once complete. 

Yours Sincerely, 


Sylvie Nicholls 

Chair of Herefordshire Disability United