Ross and Monmouth Sea Cadets


Thanks to a grant from the New Grove Trust, Ross & Monmouth Sea Cadets have been able to upgrade their powerboat.  The unit has owned this boat for several years but have only been able to us it on sheltered calm water which has limited both its use and the quality of the training of the units cadets.


The upgrade of the engine means that the powerboat can be used in all waters both tidal and open water.  It can therefore be used as a safety boat at various community events and can be registered with the local authority to be available in the event of a local emergency such as flooding.


The unit has already had two cadets qualify in RYA level two power and an instructor in the process of qualifying as a Safety Boat driver. 

Going forward the unit will be looking to train more cadets in both RYA level one and two and it will also be used to provide safety cover for the cadets learning to sail.