The Basement Youth Trust


Hello New Grove Trust,


I refer to the generous grant of £2,000 made by your Trust to the BYT in May this year. In your letter of award you requested a progress report on our activities and how the grant was being applied. I outline below what has been happening in our group, and I attach a few photographs by way of illustration.


In 2011 the BYT has continued its presence among the young people of Ross-on-Wye; we have run drop-in sessions 3-4 evenings per week including during the summer months. The premises that we use is the Y-Zone youth centre in Ross and our main aim is to attract harder-to-reach individuals into these sessions and off the streets away from the less savoury temptations of modern life. The numbers attending vary according to external factors such as school exams, weather, holiday periods etc but have averaged 70-80 per week. Supervision of the young people remains by paid youth workers and volunteers.


I hope that the above gives you a feel for BYT's continued presence and activities among the young people of Ross, and that you are happy with the use of your grant in these ways. 

With regards


Alex Orr 
Basement Youth Trust Administrator