Tintern Fete




Following the success of the village fete over the previous three years and support from the community it was again decided to organise a village fete in 2015. Following previous practice it was held on the first Saturday in July and it is believed we are succeeding in establishing this date in the minds of the community, stallholders and the general public as the annual date for the event. Hopefully this will become a regular date in people’s diaries, particularly those of stallholders. The event took place on Leyton’s field, the area between Tintern village hall and the Anchor pub and the village hall itself.


'Acknowledgements '


The fete committee wish to convey their sincere thanks to the Anchor, the White Monk and the Village Hall Committee for their cooperation and assistance. They also wish to acknowledge the help given by a number of local residents, particularly over the weekend itself in preparation and clearing up, including Paul Scheeres, Steve Adams, Allan and Anne Reid, Lindsay Weir, Rob Barker, Paul Christie, Elspeth Reid, Jessica Carter James, Joe Carter, Mike & Lindsay Cobb, Steve Carter, Tim Redgewell, Nick Day, Fiona Frank, Chris Derrett, Terry Morrison, Dave & Dorothy Andrews, Jamie Moore, Dave Tuffery, Hermoine Ford and Liz Wood. These helped not only on the day itself but for preparation work on the Friday and clearing up on Sunday morning. We returned the field to a pristine condition by Sunday lunchtime and have received thanks from the Anchor for doing so.


Acknowledgement with thanks is also made for the generous support received from the Tintern Community Council, the Welsh Church Act Fund and the New Grove Trust without which it would have been difficult to organize the fete.


Many complimentary messages concerning the village fete have been received from the community and general visitors alike. The general consensus indicated there were many items of interest to persuade the visitor to stay including a varied selection of stalls, a display of classic cars, many children activities, the native American camp, availability of a range of food and drink and live music throughout the day and evening.


A word of thanks also to the fete committee itself who through their work, idea’s and perseverance over many months resulted in a successful day. They are Andrew Reid, Tim and Julie Redgewell, Neil Harrison, Sarah Adams, Ann Webb, Alan Carter, Helen Carter, Barbara Giradet, Herbie Giradet, Terina Scheeres and John Livermore.


Prepared by John Livermore, Tintern Festivals Association (Fete Committee)

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1st December 2015