Two Rivers Folk Festival 



Just a short note, as promised, to report on the use of the Equipment purchased with the help of the New Grove Trust Grant. We first used it in the Acoustic Music Club for Blues player Adam Franklin who is amongst the very best in the UK. The sound was so good, in the room and back through the mixer, that he has subsequently released a "Live in Chepstow" CD of the concert! (If you like the Blues let me know and I'll send you a copy, it's excellent.)


We followed that up by using it in a bigger Hall for the first time with the Woody Mann concert in the Drill Hall. Woody is an internationally famous guitar player on a UK Tour. The Drill Hall was full, he was excellent and (without prompting) said from the stage that the sound at the gig was the best of the whole UK tour. Believe me, from any point in the Hall it was just so sweet, as it was through the new monitors on stage. (As an aside, he took photos of the Drill Hall from the stage because he didn't believe his friends in New York would believe that he had played such a fantastic venue!)


We then used it in the Chepstow School Hall for the Morris Festival Ceildh and on the Bandstand on the Festival Sunday.The quality and versatility are just excellent. Further to that, we haven't had to pay a stick to hire it. Therefore it has already paid for itself, which helps secure the ling term future of the Events. Not only that, it enables us to be more ambitious in what we try to bring to Martin Simpson.


Lastly, as pledged in our original Application, we are loaning the Equipment to The Chepstow Singers and The Male Voice Choir for their forthcoming Bandstand Sunday Concerts. We will also do the mixing on the day.


And so your vision and generosity spreads outwards.... 


And so very many thanks once again.


Strength in Community