The Usk Tapestry


The Usk Tapestry Group were exceedingly grateful to the New Grove Trust for the Grant of £1,000 in the year 2010 towards our costs.


The money has been spent or is being spent, as outlined in our application, on our on-going costs, namely our rental of a room at the Sessions House, Usk and the costs associated with that, ie rates and our contribution to electricity, gas and water, and to fire and security insurance. We also have to cover our own public liability insurance, the cost of materials (wool, frames and incidental materials) and professional fees. We also, inevitably, have costs for publicity and “office” work although the volunteer committee bear many of these costs themselves.


In the past year, apart from promoting the work on the Tapestry itself, we’ve also entertained visitors to open days, including children from the local “Rainbows” group who all had chance to try some stitching.  During Age Cymru’s “Gwanwyn” fortnight, we had complementary displays at the Usk Rural Life Museum as an additional means of outreach to the community.  


For some of the winter months we transferred the work to the Usk Garden Centre, at the kind invitation of the Morris family, where again we were able to attract a new “clientele”. However, owing to the cold weather and lack of heating at the Garden Centre, we’ve now returned to our original haunt, the Sessions House in Usk. 


Stitching proceeded at a rather slower pace than anticipated at the Garden Centre, largely because of the low temperatures, so we are not as far advanced in the work as we had hoped, but the return to the Sessions House in Usk has meant a “relaunch” and stitching is continuing apace.


Ruth Prince

Treasurer Usk Tapestry Group